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The Symbiotic Dance of Fashion and Art

Feb 8 / Anastasia Kozlova

iSaloni, also known as the Salone del Mobile, is an internationally renowned furniture fair held annually in Milan, Italy. It represents one of the most significant events in the design and furniture industry globally. 
iSaloni serves as a comprehensive platform where designers, architects, and creatives from around the world gather to showcase their latest creations. It's a melting pot of design trends, reflecting the evolution of the industry and offering a glimpse into the future of furniture and interior design.
The fair provides an invaluable opportunity for professionals to network and collaborate. Designers have the chance to connect with manufacturers, suppliers, and fellow creatives, fostering collaboration and opening doors for new projects.

Inspiration and Education: For members of the creative community, iSaloni is a wellspring of inspiration. From emerging talents to established design houses, the fair offers a diverse range of exhibits and installations that spark creativity and provide valuable insights into the latest design philosophies.

Milan, as the host city, contributes to the unique atmosphere of iSaloni. The cultural richness of the city adds an extra layer to the experience, making it a cultural exchange where designers from different backgrounds can share ideas and perspectives.

Milan is a place to be, combine styling experience with an unlimited inspiration from Fuori Saloni! 

FuoriSalone in Milan is the heartbeat of creativity, pulsating beyond the confines of the official Salone del Mobile fair during Milan Design Week. Translating to "Outside the Salon", FuoriSalone transforms various districts like Brera, Tortona, Lambrate, and Ventura into bustling hubs of design magic.
Imagine Milan in April, where the entire city transforms into a playground of design innovation. FuoriSalone bursts forth with myriad events, installations, and exhibitions across different corners of Milan. It's not just about furniture; it's a celebration of art, fashion, technology, and more.
This creative extravaganza isn't confined to conventional design boundaries. FuoriSalone goes beyond, featuring art installations, interactive displays, and multimedia presentations. Artists and designers collaborate to craft immersive and thought-provoking experiences.
FuoriSalone isn't an exclusive club; it's for everyone. Whether you're a design pro, an enthusiast, a student, or a tourist, you're invited. Cultural events, talks, and social gatherings add to the vibrant atmosphere.

Picture yourself soaking in the contemporary art scene while studying Fashion Design in Milan!

 Enrich your short Styling course with countless events across the city, forge connections, make friends, and dive into the fun!

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