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Branding for Fashion
Online Course 

 You Work in a Fashion Business ?
Learn to Transmit a Strong Image with Your Communication.
Know the impact you make & how by building a strong brand that will engage with your customers which will be your best tool to generate effective sales and marketing strategy with : purpose, perspective, ideal customer, uniqueness, message, story, visual representation, packaging & digital tools.
Course duration 3 weeks
Time to complete 1 year
International Fashion certificate 

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Branding for Fashion Online Course
> Discover the 4 Modules 

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Creating a brand is understanding what is behind. In this Module 1 you will find the
firsts steps in order to identify your brand in an actual environment & recognize your
major influences. You will have a clear understanding between brand, branding &
visual identity. You will learn about the importance of graphic design in fashion & the
social motivations of recent changes in the image of major brands in order to
understand the latest branding trends.
This module is all about getting to know & understand your own brand by making
easy tasks with simple conceptual maps as tools in order to analyze and recognize
your potential points so you can take your brand to the next level.
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This module is all about marketing & strategies. You will understand how a brand is perceived by customers & how it stands among competitors in 4 important position-ing environments. You will identify the basis for achieving business nirvana ; the
product-market fit, to solve needs of your clients by discovering your value proposi-tion, You will learn to use the storytelling to show your brand`s values. You will target
a potential customer in order to become real customer by identifying & understanding their different generations. You will learn to identify your unique benefits among
your competitor’s.
With simple tasks and easy to fill strategical canvas , in this module you will have a
clear vision of the path to follow in order see what your brand is going to offer.  
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Hands on! This module is all about the “decoration” of your brand, Its visual repre-
sentation , how are you going to present it to the exterior. You will learn to have a
strong visual identity by identifying your brand’s personality, choosing a solid remar-
kable name, knowing how to set a voice tone in order to match with the visual image
so your target can engage easily. You will learn about the logo types and the tools to
develop your brand’s exclusive visual representation with your own logo.
Finally you will choose wisely your fonts & have an harmonic color palette with an
easy task in order to be coherent with your brand’s style.
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In this very LAST but not least module you will have a reference for the physical &
digital communication materials, understand why packaging can give added values
to the brand and generate a visual bond with the consumer.
You will have a basic list of your essential items & packaging for your brand and
You will learn how digital marketing helps and its vital for surviving in this digital era.
And as a final task, you will create your basic but useful digital branding with the
easy use of digital tools.
Be ready for the final exam! Only after completing all 4 modules and taking the
exam, you will receive the certificate.

Understand, stand out & determine Image

Brand context

Understand your brand, how to stand out & determine a plan of attack !

Target customers

Learn to understand customer needs & market different generations.

Brand identity

Create your logo & your basic digital branding with the easy use of digital tools.

Transmit a strong image with your communication material

Learn why digital marketing helps & its vital for surviving in this digital era

“Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business”

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