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online fashion designing course with certificate

Online Bridal Fashion Design Course Duration 4 Weeks

This course is an introduction to the world of Bridal Fashion Design Course , from sketching, hand coloring, creating mood boards on Photoshop to creating a small collection.

Online Bridal Fashion  Courses

Join our Online Bridal Design Course to master the art of designing contemporary Italian-style wedding dresses and enhance your professional skills. Learn human body drawing, sketching, hand-coloring techniques, and Photoshop for moodboards and illustrations. Explore intricate details like jewelry, shoes, and bags. Perfect for those designing their own wedding dress or aspiring bridal designers. Enroll now and unleash your creativity!
Explore the glamour of Celebrity Wedding Dresses with our online course! Master figure drawing, silhouette recognition, and coloring techniques through expert tutorials. Develop your creativity with step-by-step bridal dress design exercises and delve into bridal fabrics, embroidery, and trend analysis. Elevate your skills and become a bridal design expert. Enroll now and unlock your potential!
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Celebrity Wedding Dresses 

Discover through a selection of pictures, the wedding dresses of queens to the most famous celebrities in the world of music actresses ...

Observing & Designing

Learn to draw human figures, facesRecognizing the silhouettes of wedding dresses. Draw by observing our drawings. Learn with our Video Tutorials coloring and shading your designs.

Step by Step Detail Bridal Dress Design 

Step by step we guide you in a path of exercises that will give you the opportunity to develop your creativity, analyzing different parts of a wedding dress.

Bridal Fabrics & Embroidery

Discovering bridal fabrics, names, characteristic. Discovering the World of Embroidery, designing your own embroidered Bustier.

Bridal Dress Technical Sheet

Draw a wedding dress not only on a body figure, but also draw flat sketches, including all the accessories fabric & components.

Bridal Dress Trend Analysis

Learn to present an analysis document for wedding dresses, taking into consideration Style - Volume - Fabrics - Colors - Accessories.

Course contents

Course reviews

I gained a great deal of skills. The instructors are very professional, attentive and patient. I highly recommend that you try out their courses because you don't only acquire knowledge but also the experience of being in such an inspiring city as Milan."
"I would definitely recommend this school to anyone looking to learn a lot about fashion. The teachers there teach you in many creative ways to always keep you interested in the work you do and help you reach your learning goals in the best way possible."
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