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Your Essential Guide How get a job IN the fashion industry

Career Strategies
to Step Into the World of Fashion 

Have you always dreamed to work in the fashion field, but you don't know where to start? This guide will help you to solve some if the problems people encounter the first time they approach this field. You will learn how to structure a CV, how to write a cover letter, where to look for jobs and how to prepare for an interview.

Make your dreams a reality.

Your Essential Guide To Kickstart Your Career In The Fashion Field!

You just completed a fashion course... and now it's time to look for a job. Most people are completely clueless on where to start to look for a job or an internship. Many of our students ask us "And now, what do I do?". That's why we decided to create this essential guide for you to follow step by step. Now let's start job hunting!
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What can you find in this course ?

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Fashion Jobs

To work in this field you don't necessarily need to be a designer. Discover all the jobs you can pursue in the fashion world.
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Building your CV

Learn how to efficiently structure you CV, how to write a cover letter and how to present your portfolio to increase your chances.
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Digital Presence

Social networks such as LinkedIn can be of great help in finding a job or an internship. Learn how to used them at their full potential.
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How to prepare for
an interview

Useful tips on how to prepare yourself for an interview and what common mistakes to avoid.

We Will Guide You Step By Step

With our guide you will receive a lot of simple and intuitive tables that will help you plan your fashion career strategy

A lot of extra bonuses you can download for free, including CV and cover letter templates

We will give you useful tips, also based on our experience in the work field, on what to do and what to avoid during an interview.

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This social network is perfect to find a new job! You only need to understand how to use at its full capacity.
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Networking Strategies

Networking is a great way to look for new opportunities, both on LinkedIn an in real life.
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Your Elevator Pitch

What's an elevator pitch? This is be the best way to introduce yourself before an interview. Discover how to create yours.
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Become more fashion conscious!

With this extra bonus, you can discover more about all the different fashion styles!

Free Bonus Documents 

More about the Responsible of
Milan Fashion Campus 

After his fashion studies in Milan, Angelo Russica made his first steps into the fashion world assisting Giorgio Correggiari, where he met Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana (Dolce & Gabbana). He had to leave for military service for one year. Once he came back he worked with the Italian company Barbas (Menswear Collection), after this he had one of his most exciting professional experience: He began working as an assistant designer for Gianni Versace. He worked for 4 years participating in Women's Wear and Menswear collections: Genny, Spazio and Versus.
After this experience, he left Italy for 4 years for Spain: Here he worked with Induyco – El Corte Inglés in Madrid. Once he returned, he started working as a consultant for Gruppo Marzotto, Miroglio Vestebene, Gruppo Max Mara, also in Japan with one of the most important apparel Maker World Company, King Company.
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Now it’s time to reflect on what you would like to do and what you can do best. Try to brainstorm what are your best quality to help you orient yourself towards what could be the best career in the fashion field for you.
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