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Italian Fashion Buying Online Course 

Join our Italian Fashion Buying Online Course! Ideal for boutique owners, entrepreneurs, and aspiring fashion buyers, this course introduces Fashion Buying with a focus on sourcing Made in Italy products. Gain insights into market trends and supplier relationships. Elevate your expertise in fashion commerce and embark on a rewarding career journey today.

Italian Fashion Buying Online Course

Ideal for boutique owners, entrepreneurs, or those aspiring to become fashion buyers. This course provides an introduction to Fashion Buying, focusing on sourcing and purchasing Made in Italy products. Gain insights into market trends, supplier relationships, and navigating the Italian fashion scene. Elevate your expertise, curate standout collections, and make informed decisions in the dynamic world of fashion commerce. Enroll now for a rewarding career in the heart of fashion.

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What you are going to learn?
You will learn about the role of a Fashion Buyer, how to define the perfect target for your business, analyze your competitors, distinguish the different types of fabrics and materials, discover and analyze new trends and styles. You will learn about the major wholesale centers in Italy and the most influential trade fairs. When possible, you will also have the possibility to visit these fairs or buying offices to experience Italian fashion firsthand. 
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