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Women Fashion Styling Course Installment Payment
Module C & D

Fashion is about expressing yourself!
Learn how to create your own fashion image & style and how to help others do the same!
the course any time you want and enhance your personal life and career with fashion!
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A step closer to being a Personal Stylist

On Module C & D, you will learn about how to create the perfect wardrobe with various approach. You will also learn how to organize a fashion photoshoot and finally, get a valuable stylist document kit to start your journey as a Personal Stylist!

Have you done Module A & B?

If you want to start the course, we suggest to start from the first part of this course, the Module A & B!
There, you will learn about the principles of Personal Styling and complete theory about fashion styles.
When all the modules are completed, you will be awarded with our certificate! 
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Digital Certificate FREE 
You will need to complete the full course, all 4 modules (A,B,C,D) to receive your Fashion Certificate.
Hard copy of the certificate is also available with a delivery cost of 80€ for DHL certified shipping.
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