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ONLINE fashion media editorial COURSE WITH CERTIFICATE

Online Media Editorial Fashion Styling Course

Unleash your creativity as a Media Fashion Stylist. Shape contemporary images for fashion magazines and digital media. Curate perfect selections and organize photoshoots. Become a visionary in the industry. Start your journey today.

Media Fashion Stylist

Stylist for digital and printed fashion magazines - Look books for fashion companies - Fashion Bloggers - stylist for online commerce websites - Stylist for department stores - Stylist for music videos - VIP fashion Stylist
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Lesson series

How Fashion Styling Started?

The job request and description of a Fashion Stylist is relative new, we give you an introduction to how it started and what are the different branches of this world and the different career path you can take as a Fashion Stylist.

Fashion visual knowledge

One of the most important part of being a Fashion Stylist is the RESEARCH.

Set Design Exercise

Is not only about the outfit, you have to think about the whole picture

Steps to prepare a Fashion Shoot 

How digitally create and organize a Fashion Shooting 

The Seasons in the Fashion Industry

How many seasons are there in fashion industry?
How do seasons affect fashion?
How many fashion collections are there a year?

The Online Portfolio Example

Discover how to make your own Portfolio with the works you did during this course 

Style Identification

Learn how to identify the different fashion styles, to take inspiration and create new looks, matching the correct accessories, color palette and materials correctly.

Important Names in the Industry

To work in the Fashion industry is very important to know who is who, not only the names of nowadays but also from te past who opened the door for the new generations.

Walk Into Your Future

With a boom in the media industry, the work of the stylist has become more challenging and unique. A fashion stylist works for magazines, newspapers, websites or advertising agencies on commercials. Work in this environment it is important to have a basic preparation, know the history - know the important people in the sector - know the roles of each one. This course will prepare you for all of this.
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Fashion Certificate

After completing the program you will receive a participation certificate.
Digital Certificate FREE 
Delivery of the Certificate 50 euro DHL certified shipping.

Course contents

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