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online fashion designing course 

Sneakers Online Design Course

Interested in designing sneakers?
We have made the perfect course for you, future designers.
With this course, you will be able to design NEW GENERATION Sneakers, starting from inspirations to sketching concrete sneakers design.
Dive into the exciting world of sneaker design with our Sneakers Online Design Course! Perfect for aspiring designers, this course empowers you to create next-generation sneakers from inspiration to concrete design sketches. Experience contemporary sneaker design learning at your own pace, anytime, anywhere, with our online platform. Engage with our community for feedback and communication, enhancing your learning journey. Upon completion of projects shared on our social platform, earn a prestigious Milan Fashion Campus attendance certificate. Access the course for one year and unleash your creativity in the dynamic realm of sneaker design!
new generation sneakers design course 

A contemporary way to learn sneakers designing at your own pace*. Wherever and whenever you want.

With our online platform and community, you will have the possibility of exchanging communication and feedback from our team!
Once the projects are completed and shared in our social platform, you will obtain a Milan Fashion Campus attendance certificate.

*The course will be accessible for one year.
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course contents

Discover The Episodes

Cyber Skater 
Inspired by skater street culture in the digital age, here we will introduce you to a complete presentation of a shoe design and practice some hand sketching of sneakers variation inspired by the theme.
Organic Flow
Going out of the box, we will test our creativity to design high fashion and unique pieces of sneakers inspired by organic shapes and movements.
The Super Race
In the future racing world, we will get inspired by interesting futuristic vehicles and learn how to design from silhouette and shapes.
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Punk Revival

Entering the punk subculture world, we will reveal the secret to make a mood board and a color palette with some fun facts about punks. There will be a special fun quest too with some video tutorials!
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Futuristic Military

An episode inspired by sci-fi military where you will get to design your own sneakers project! On top of that, we are going to spice up the sneakers with extra additional accessories where you can go wild with your design.
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Minimal Serenity

An episode inspired by minimal and soft style interior and geometrical shapes, we will design more commercial style sneakers variations and learn how to design a shoe holistically.
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Wheel and Spill

Moving to a mechanical world inspired by motorcycles and the bikers, we will design interesting details and accessories of the sneakers that will give a unique touch to your design.
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More details you will find inside the course 

Fashion and trends. Get synced with latest trends.

You will be able to design sneakers, starting from inspirations to sketching concrete sneakers design.

Milan Fashion Campus  is the best Italian Online Learning platform, stay in touch with the Italian Design.  
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