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Online Street-Wear
Design Course

Learn by Observing.
A fun and quick way of learning about fashion styles, Street-Wear and design!
Nowadays practical and fashionable clothes is the perfect combination for any age.
And the goal is to develop something new.

Start date: any time
Included Free E- Book - Figure Templates - Designs ready to be colored 
Streetwear design from the comfort of your home

How does it work?

Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of men's styles across history and cultures in our Street-Wear Design Course. Explore the defining elements and color palettes of each style, with the aim of reinventing them into a fresh, youthful streetwear fashion. Let the past inspire your future creations as you merge tradition with modernity in the dynamic world of streetwear design.
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Embark on a creative journey into the world of streetwear design with our Online Street-Wear Introduction Design Course! Discover the latest trends and styles in practical yet fashionable clothing for all ages. Learn by observing and exploring various streetwear styles, from their origins to modern interpretations. Gain access to templates for body and face proportions, perfect for honing your drawing skills and creating your own illustrations. Explore gender fluid looks and blur the lines of fashion gender norms. With detailed sketches and exercises, you'll develop the skills needed to bring your unique streetwear designs to life. Join us and unleash your creativity in the dynamic world of streetwear fashion!

Here is what you get with our course

So many different Styles.

You will learn about so many different styles, how they started and how you can make them up to date.

Templates to Download

You will have access to our bodies and faces templates, to draw your new styles, is the perfect way to start and understand proportions if you want to start drawing and making your own illustrations.

Gender fluid Looks

Now days more and more brands are creating genderless or gender fluid clothes, so you can also play blurring the lines of gender through fashion.

Detailed Sketches 

You will have exercises to complete each time you learn about a style, our detailed sketches examples are going to help you with your drawing skills and creating your own.

Bonus >
Free E-Book 

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Learn, Experiment, be Creative

Before creating your own version of each style you will have to create a MOOD BOARD

You will have to create total looks, from hair, accessories and clothing.

Don't be afraid of experimenting, take in consideration the original style but you are creating something new so HAVE FUN!
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Detailed program of the course

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